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Shanghai GND eTech Co., Ltd. aims to offer safer, better, and the reliable measurement products and solutions for domestic China and international markets. Fiber Optic Sensors, as innovative measuring technologies, have been applied globally in a wide range of industries. Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors are recognized and needed in applications, including power, microwave, oil& gas, life science and Semiconductor equipment manufacturing, where real time, accurate and reliable measurements are required and critical, and traditional sensors will easily fail due to the harsh working environments.
GND owns an international background R&D team to do you tailor design and production, and we can understand the needs from our customers immediately, and are agile and eager to work with you.
GND also focused specially on reducing customers’ cost and risks with our competent personnel and reliable products.


1.CORELight Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors: typical applications are:

Semiconductor manufacture equipment

Microwave oven temperature control

Busbar temperature monitor

Electric power switchgear

Windmill generator

All harsh EMI working environments

2.CORELight Transformer Fiber Optic Temperature Controller: accurate temperature monitoring, alarm output, data record/review, and communications. Suited for dry-type transformers.
3.OEM manufacturing: we work closely with our customers to convert production development into commercial and batch manufacturing.

By applying GND’s proven devices, customers in global advanced technologies, power generation and industrial materials can improve your process control and your final product quality. Please contact us and see how we can work together.